Home Sheep Home 2: Guide Shaun the Sheep Home – Puzzle Game of the Week

Posted on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by

This week’s game of the week on All My Faves is quite the little puzzler… Guide Shirley, Shaun and little Timmy, three cute sheep who just want to get back home through underground mines, utilising their unique attributes to help them find a way out.

Because staying in the underground is a ‘Baa’ ‘Baa’d idea!

Physics puzzle are always fun, and now with some added charm and character comes Home Sheep Home Lost Underground. This excellent puzzle game’s heroes are three harmless sheep, each with unique attributes, that you have to guide through countless puzzles on their long journey back to the farm. With cute animations and sounds the developers bring Shaun, Shirley and Timmy to life, making you fall in love with the trio as the game levels increase.

They just want to get back to the’ Baa’rn!

Fifteen stages with interesting new mechanics, in which you try to chew up as many socks and other underwear that have been moulding underground just to become your snacks while journeying. You need to get all three sheep to the exit at the end of each level in order to proceed, but since each sheep weighs differently, you’ll need to make them all work together.

Shaun is the athletic one, Shirley the muscle and little Timmy is, well tiny. With water as a new obstacle to overcome, as well as explosions, our little flock has more challenges in front of them than ever before. Go on then and try to get them home.

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