Help a Little Witch Out: Our Cute, Hidden Object Game of the Week!

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by

Little Witch’s Mess is our puzzle game of the week. Get ready to help a poor teen witch in finding her potions’ and spells’ components. Sharp eyes and keen senses are required… Do you have what it takes?

Help a young witch out!

Little Witch’s Mess is one of the cutest hidden object games around, themed for Halloween but great fun for all year round. You have a time limit in which you must find all the components – the objects are listed at the bottom of the screen.

You can play at three different difficulty levels that are differed by the amount of the information that is given on the objects that you need to find. You click on the objects you find and if you are correct they vanish with a ‘puff’. If you are mistaken though, time will be subtracted and the pressure is on!

Not much of a brain fryer… but simple and fun!

If you are into some light, cute and fun way to pass your time then Little Witch’s Mess is the game for you. It is not much of a brain fryer, you will probably finish the game in 15 minutes like I did, all three difficulties, but I can assure you that you will have fun in these 15 minutes.

If you do get stuck (and if you do: shame on you! 😉 )there’s a hint button to end your misery. All in all a nice way for all of you who can’t let Halloween go play something that will remind you of it, plus its a great way to get the kids off your backs for a while… So give it a try and help that poor little witch.

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