Curve Fever: Probably The Best Online Multiplayer Game Ever!

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 by

Curve Fever 2 is the most fun and addicting multiplayer game to play together on 1 keyboard! Team up with your friends or go solo while trying to remain the last one standing.

There can Only Be One!

Curve Fever 2 has ruined my life. At first glance I must admit that it didn’t seem like such a life altering game to me, I gave Shachar (our co fonder…) a skeptical look when he told me this is the best thing man made since the sliced bread… Then we started playing. The game is like multiplayer snake. You have two keys which makes your snake go left or right, but you shouldn’t hit the wall or other players. Instead try to go through holes and take up some powerups. The last one standing will win. It will take seconds to learn, but probably a lifetime to master. Four of us here at All My Faves opened a room, and when we glanced at our watches and saw that a couple of hours of our day’s work were just consumed by clicking left and right and a lot of trash talking we understood: this game is dangerous!

And it gets Even Better!

You can decide what keys to use, and because its only two keys, several friends can play on the same keyboard. You can team up with your friends on a poor guy who doesn’t know about the conspiracy and drive him mad as you isolate him. You can also play on Curve Fever tournaments to win glory, higher rankings and badges. Curve Fever is a nice game to play together, it is a lot of fun to play with your friends during a break. It is short, easy to grasp and always a lot of fun. Huddle together behind 1 screen and look at the crazy stunts of your friends, or try to mock them by taking a red powerup. I would say that Curve Fever takes back social gaming to what it’s supposed to be: Truly social gaming.


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