Cinema Panic: Our Time Management Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

On Cinema Panic you run a cinema snack bar and serve moviegoers their orders of popcorn, hotdogs and soft drink whilst making sure no-one sneaks in.

Got the Coke & Popcorn ready?

Do your work as a movie theater assistant and sell some burgers, soda and popcorn on Cinema Panic. Mind you, your job won’t be that easy because you will have a lot of customers. On this time management strategy game you strive to become the best employee serving the customers in cinema selling everything a cinema kiosk has. Like most time management games it starts off easy but the difficulty rises as you work through the levels, making you deal with more costumers with more and more demands while you juggle your various food making machines.

Upgrade to Excel!

There is a nice upgrading development system on Cinema Panic, allowing you to buy better food making machines for faster results, improve your environment’s design so that the costumers won’t be bored while they wait and varying your product arsenal. Don’t forget to knock on the spoiled cashier’s window once in a while, otherwise she will fall asleep and you will loose costumers… between each day’s work you can pop some corn with your mouse for some extra credit. All in all a nice time management game that will keep you busy for a while, play it here for free!

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