Chrome Maze – Turn Your Favorite Website into a 3D Maze

Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 by

With the new Google Chrome experiment you can Turn favorite website into a 3D maze. Transform your smartphone into a motion sensitive controller and interact in real time with your computer.

Any Website… Now a Video Game

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly transform your favorite website into a live game using your smartphone as the controller. Well Google fails to disappoint and Google Japan has released their new Chrome Experiment, Maze, where users turn any website into a 3D maze controlled by their smartphone. Named Google’s World Wide Maze, the experiment highly promotes Chrome, Google’s iconic internet browser. In fact the game requires you to install both Chrome on your computer and mobile device.

Enter The World Wide Maze!

The game is simple, have fun! Google is promoting Chrome and therefore want their users to have a fun and enjoyable experience with Maze. That’s why the game is so simple, starting from syncing your mobile device to your computer, to the actual gameplay, the user experience is smooth, happy, and most importantly fun. To sync devices, there are 3 options; Using a tab sync, scanning a QR code or typing or emailing the link. All methods work perfectly. Once synced up, the goal f the game is simple, use your mobile device to guide the ball to a specific checkpoint.

Two Words… Highly Addictive

Accompanying you throughout the entire gameplay is light, elevator-like music which adds to the enjoyable atmosphere of the entire experience. Although the gameplay is not as intricate as most other games, it’s new technology captures users. All I can say is that Google labs has done a great job! Right away as I started playing Maze I instantly fell in love and played for a good 45 minutes. But I guess in the bigger picture, Google has achieved their goal, promoting Chrome. Because of this game I started using Chrome and will continue to, both on my computer and Android. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun and interactive game, and for anyone who has considered using chrome. If you have a quick hour on your hands to kill, check Maze out!


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