Bunny Cannon: Shoot some Bunnies and Fill those Baskets!

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Bunny Cannon is a fun little shooting/puzzle/matching game where you shoot bunnies out of a cannon, trying to make them multiplying on the way while aiming for the right basket at the bottom.

It’s Rabbit Season!

On Bunny Cannon you are not the huntsman, the bunnies are actually your arsenal while you try to sort them to the right basket and fill it. Now, I know they say that rabbits are multiplying fast but this is ridiculous… Every time a boy (Blue bunny) as much as touches a girl bunny (pink bunny), they multiply. This is of course a very handy feature as the game’s goal is to reach a certain amount of bunnies in each basket, so you will have to play cupid and make them meet if you are going for those three stars…

Match & Catch Bunnies

Your Bunny Cannon  loads itself and you can position the cannon along the railing and then tap below to aim and fire your shot. Bunnies can multiply more then once so you must try to create a chain ‘love’ reaction that will raise your score. It’s never a straight shot to the bottom, and you’ll also encounter your fair share of rolling boulders, dangerous owls, spiny briars, rotating platforms and other obstacles to get in your way. There are 90 levels of this small yet plenty of fun game, so you’d better get going!

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