What the ‘F’ Facts: Your Daily Dose of Fun Facts

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012 by

WhatTheFFacts – Did you know that every night, you grow 8mm (0.3 inches), and then you shrink back to your former height the following day? Well you do now! This is but one of the daily doses of ridiculous / interesting / amazing trivia (whichever way you look at it!) waiting for you at the not at all rudely named ‘What The F Facts’.

Oh and if you’re not convinced… 418,417 people currently ‘like’ it on Facebook! They can’t all be wrong… Click here or on the cute baby pic below (it accompanies a fact that chocolate has the same effect on our brains as falling in love(!)) to find out something new that you may/may not need to know 😉

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