Weesh – App of the Week: Truly Made Just For Couples

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

If you’re single I’m afraid this one ain’t for you… Weesh is an app made especially for couples to share private moments and experiences, and to discover, or “weesh” new experiences to share in the future.

Facebook too public a place to say ‘I luv u’?

Weesh – Some couples love sharing everything publicly. Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and there’s probably a fair few lovey-dovey holiday pictures, check-ins at romantic meals out, and status updates of couples declaring their undying love for each other. If that all sounds perfectly normal and ok to you, this isn’t an app you’re going to need. For those couples among you who aren’t so public about your affections however, we’ve found the perfect app for you.

Weesh is a bubbly, romantic little app

The idea behind Weesh is that you can create a lovely, private hub for all your shared experiences as a couple. Its basic form is glorious by itself: once you sign up with Facebook, you automatically get a cute timeline with all the photos you’re tagged in together on Facebook. You then add ‘moments’ and ‘weeshes’ to flesh it out.

So if you went out for a daytrip to the park, you can share it as a moment. If you’re planning a trip to the theatre or for a special meal, you can ‘weesh’ it, and then decide when to fulfill that ‘weesh’ – geddit?

Bottom Line

A happy, romantic medium between a simple text message and unnecessary public displays of affection on Facebook, Weesh is a fun app for any couple looking to easily create a timeline of their budding companionship. Take a look and download for free here.



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