Shock, Soap or Laser? The Creativity Test

Posted on Monday, May 27th, 2013 by

Take the creativity test by answering 10 quick questions. Sit back and let the site do the work for you by displaying your results with through a short video clip. Get ready to get those creative juices flowing.

10 Questions. That’s All!

OK people, it’s time to get creative! For some us it may be easier than others, but with this new experiment called  Shock, Soap or Laser, all of us can display our creativity. There are hundreds of ways to solve a creative task. The solution is often a very different place than what you thought and on the way to the answer you will discover new stuff. Creative processes are exciting to take part in, because you never know where you’ll end. All you gotta do is answer 10 interactive questions including fill in the blank, drawing using your mouse, using word banks and etc. It’s actually a contest, the test ends on April 15 when a random draw will determine a winner of a brand new iPhone 5, fortunately you can take the test as many times as you’d like.

From Norway With Love

Shock, Soap or Laser is actually an experiment by Norway’s Creative Vocational School. The university is using the site to promote it’s 2-year vocational programs alongside their freshly launched 2012 Bachelor’s degree in creative marketing communication. The school aims to educate people for a number of professions within the creative industries. We decided to feature Shock, Soap or Laser on our site because of the creativity and the interaction it offers anyone. Anyone who tries out the site will see that a unique and personalized experience is created. We at All My Faves believe that you will enjoy this site and hey, you might just win yourself an iPhone 5. All you need to do now is judge for yourselves. Check it out here.

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