PhoneSpell – Here’s My Number, Spell Me Maybe?

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Ever wonder what words your phone number spells out? With PhoneSpell you can put in various phone numbers and discover the endless possibilities of words your number creates.

Every phone number spells something!

So, wanna find out what your phone number says about you? Start by entering 3 to 10 digits, and let PhoneSpell do the rest. Through a database of words, every digit is awarded one, two, or three letters from the alphabet that it corresponds with. Phone numbers that have 0 or 1 do not have letters so that may reduce the words in your phone number.

So… what’s cool about it?

Does your phone number give you a secret meaning with words that describe you? While my cell number didn’t give me many results, my house number did turn up with “its ok”. Ever wonder if those popular jingles advertising phone numbers that get stuck in your head mean anything-now’s your chance to try.

One of the most overplayed phone numbers is 867-5309, thanks to Tommy Tutone’s hit. While it only came up with two mnemonics “top-5309” and “tor-5309”, maybe Tommy knew this number would literally be on top of the charts.

If you have a few minutes to spare, plug in some phone numbers. You never know what they may spell!

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