FlightRadar24: Track Every Flight In The World, Right Now

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 by

Flightradar24 shows you the World’s air traffic, live. Enter Flightradar24 and a world map opens on which all current flights are marked by a small, moving, yellow plane figure.

What is FlightRadar24 all about?

Flightradar24 is not a ‘Wow’ website but it is interesting and might be a useful site to add to your faves. Aside form getting a big picture of the world air traffic you can track specific flights’ courses, see where flights are coming from and where are they are headed. Also you can get general info on the airplanes type and capacity, the company that runs it and the flight’s number.

What is FlightRadar24 good for?

Mainly for curing curiosity, there are better more comfortable ways to get flight info such as FlightAware, FlightStats or even Googling the flight’s number. The added value of Flightradar24 is the realization that there are so many flights up there and to think that it shows only the civilian airplanes, think of all the smaller domestic planes and the military air-crafts… You just cant help but wonder: How on earth can we still see the sky? Check it for your self and you will get the picture.


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