Day One Stories: What Will You Do on your First Day of Retirement?

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

Day One Stories – presented by Prudential – is a collection of films, images and thoughts from people on their first day of retirement, creating a collage of the retired USA.

A colorful collage of retirement’s Day One…

Day One Stories is a beautiful website created by Prudential, that shows you how does the first day of retirement looks like through the eyes of hundreds of retired people from all over the America. This project is documented in various ways, some by a photo, some with a short video and some with only quotes and thoughts…

Yet in any form, they manage to inspire you with their genuine and honest reflections of the significance of this day; their fears of the unknown that awaits them; but mostly, the never ending optimism that you can not help but feel.

A beautifully executed project, whatever the agenda…

One can not ignore that the company that stands behind this project and website is Prudential, a huge insurance company that part of their business is handling retirement accounts and provides retirement solutions.

It is clear that this projects agenda is to make people more aware of the retirement that is advancing toward them and of the importance of being prepared for it, and maybe become a client. But if you ask me, I wish every company will try to rise awareness and gain clients this way because the result is both stunning and inspiring. How do you think your day one story will look like? See other people’s stories and get inspired.


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