Cutest Paw: The Cutest Animal Pictures in the World?

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

Cutest Paw– Only a reader with a heart of stone could fail to break a smile when they set their eyes on the pictures gloriously featured on Cutest Paw. It’s a perfectly simple site, filled effortlessly with hundreds of gorgeous photos of cute animals and pets shared by their proud owners. (And if you’re a proud owner yourself, it’s easy to sign up and get sharing too). I’ve picked two that I loved below, just click on them to get to the site. Make sure you click on “Most Popular” to get the absolute best photos. Just adorable! Enjoy 🙂

A puppy that looks like a panda, shared by its owner on Cutest Paw!

An adorable puppy, uploaded by its owner on Cutest Paw!

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