Winner Winner Turkey Dinner: 22 Different Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

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Winner Winner Turkey Dinner: 22 Different Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving TurkeyWhy cook with the same old turkey recipe this year when there are so many different ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey?

Gobble, Gobble…

Turkey day is fast approaching, which means: football, family, festivities, and FOOD! Every November friends and families gather together to celebrate the tradition of Thanksgiving. This holiday is celebrated in many different ways and means something different to everyone, but one thing we can all agree on is the turkey! Many tend to cook their Thanksgiving turkey the same way every year, but why not try something else this year with these 22 different ways to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey? Throw your favorite apron on, tune into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or some football, click on the title or the picture and get cooking with these 22 different ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey!

1. In A Garbage Can

 Trash can Turkey

2. With A Plastic Bag

Turkey in a plastic bag

3. Deep Fried  

Deep Fried Turkey

4. On The Grill

Turkey On The Grill

 5.  Classic

The Classic Turkey

 6. Memphis Style

Memphis Style Turkey

7. Wrapped In Bacon

Turkey Wrapped In Bacon

 8. In A Skillet

Turkey In A Skillet

 9. With Fruit

Turkey With Fruit

10. In A Crock Pot

Turkey In A Crock Pot

 11. Spicy

Spicy Turkey

12. Asian Flavor 

Turkey Asian Style

 13. With Beer

Turkey Cooked With Beer

 14. Turducken 


15. Tofurkey 


16. Rolled Up

Turkey Roll

17. Pumpkin Flavor

Pumpkin Flavored Turkey

 18. With A Paper Bag

Turkey In A Paper Bag

19. Mexican 

Mexican Style Turkey

20. Suntanned 

Suntanned Turkey

 21. In A Cake

Turkey In A Cake

22. The TurDunkin (Only For A True Dunkin Fan)

The TurDunkin

 Bonus Recipes: Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Now that you are going to try one of the 22 different ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey and fill up on some good old fashion pumpkin pie, it’s time to put your stretchy pants on and fall into a tryptophan induced sleep. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to end there! If you did dinner right, which I know you all will, you are going to have leftovers for days. Skip the re-creation of your Thanksgiving meal for the next week and check out these five delicious recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers!

1. Turkey And Cranberry Melt

Turkey and Cranberry Melt

2. Turkey And Stuffing Wontons

Turkey and Stuffing Wontons

3. The Day After Soup

Day after Thanksgiving soup

4. Fried Stuffing Bites With Cranberry Pesto Sauce

Fried stuffing bites with cranberry pesto sauce

5. Pizza

Thanksgiving pizza

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