Wine Folly: Unleash your Sommelier Alter Ego!

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 by

Wine Folly is a culture site offering articles and videos that will connect you to the world of wine. The site curates the best wine values and the most awesome stories about wineries, regions and winemakers.

How much do you really know about Wine?

Wine Folly is a site that celebrates wine culture to the full. On it you will find a comprehensive library of free wine articles and videos and an answer to all of your wine related needs; from wine basics to tips from experts and wine discoveries. If your wine knowledge is as narrow as mine and¬†summarizes in knowing that the wine you drink is either red or white, the beginner’s guide to wine will prove an awesome tool for you to begin with. It will guide you through the fundamentals like how to check for bad wine, how to taste wine, or even simply how to open a bottle of wine.

Written by Wine Enthusiast!

Wine Folly was made and is maintained by true wine enthusiast. On the site’s front you will find Madeline Puckette (who defines herself as a Sommelier, Designer, Editor and Wine Squirrel) who is set to find out the geekiest wine facts in the world and share them with you so you will get the inside scoop on upcoming areas, undervalued regions, and behind the scenes information in the form of wine videos, articles, and educational courses. You can also shop unique wine prints and educational regional maps on the site’s store. We loved¬†Wine Folly and highly recommend for you to subscribe to Madeline’s fresh wine tips, tricks, videos, and antics.


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