Liqurious: The World’s Best Cocktails… What’s Your Poison?

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 by

Liqurious is a beautifully curated Pinterest-like website, dedicated to alcoholic beverages in general and cocktails in particular. Share your favorite drink with the world!

What is your favorite drink?

Have you experienced an incredible drink lately? Now you have a platform where you can share it. Liqurious is a platform where users can share recipes, images and reviews of their favorite drinks, anything but the taste… Or the hangover… It is a beautiful site that really gets you in the mood for a drink and celebrates the art of┬ácocktail making (and consuming­čśë ).

A true Bartender’s portfolio!

Liqurious is actually a website where the users are the aggregators and curators of the content. You can add a link to any website that has a cocktail featured in it: Add a photo and as easy as that you’ve posted your favorite┬ábeverage for the world to see and taste.

Bottom Line

Make sure you don’t have to work tomorrow and check out┬áthe world’s best cocktails on Liqurious… And hey, don’t drive after visiting!



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