HelloFresh: Cook Amazing Meals in your Own Home!

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 by

HelloFresh is a new service providing gourmet recipes and pre-portioned fresh ingredients delivered to your door. Cook fast healthy recipes designed by nutritionists and chefs.

Everyone can Become a Chef!

With HelloFresh you save time, discover amazing food and provide a healthy diet to the people you love most. HelloFresh is an awesome dinner kit service that delivers recipes along with their exact ingredients to your home every week, making it easy to cook fresh, healthy meals in 30 minutes or less. Every week you can pick from delicious recipes and HelloFresh will send them to you with the exact ingredients. Say goodbye to fast food and ready meals heated up at the end of a busy day. Say hello to delicious home-cooked meals using fresh ingredients.

Healthier, Tastier and way more Fun!

Marushka Bland, Chief Cooking Officer at HelloFresh, says that HelloFresh understands that given our hectic schedules, committing to cook at home and take control over what you eat can be challenging. “We help you access a lifestyle you didn’t think you had time for, making it easy to prepare healthy, fresh meals at home. We take care of recipe-hunting, meal planning and grocery shopping, so you can just go home at the end of a long day and get a restaurant-quality meal on the table in less time than it takes to get delivery.” Right now they only work on the east coast but they promise that the service will soon become available coast to coast. The HelloFresh team claims that anyone can cook, even you! Go on then, and become a top chef!

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