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HODINKEE is a daily blog of the most interesting watches from around the world, written in a way that everyone can understand in hopes to spark increased awareness and interest in horology.

Your Daily Dose of Watches

HODINKEE is one of the most widely read wristwatch publications in the world, featuring thorough and earnest looks at some of the industry’s most interesting, and occasionally forgotten, timepieces. This exquisite online magazine featuring in-depth reviews, critiques, and reports on watches of a particularly high caliber. With a focus on creative content, one can find the HODINKEE team taking watches skiing in the Alps, diving in the British Virgin Islands, and occasionally even crushing a watch or two with a $300,000 supercar.

Made by True Wristwatch Lovers…

HODINKEE was launched in 2008 by then 25-year-old Benjamin Clymer. Clymer looks at the wristwatch as the perfect combination of style, engineering, and art, and gained his knowledge through years of reading old auction catalogs. The site quickly gained notoriety and now Clymer and his team of writers are known for their innate understanding of both historical references and the most cutting-edge watchmaking, and more importantly, can explain them in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand for those who may not be “watch nerds.” Visit this awesome blog, its passion is catchy, even if you don’t have any special interest in wristwatches


Uri Halevi:

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