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Create your very own magazine, or a whole line of magazines, effortlessly with Zeen. Collect links on your favorite topics, curate them into beautiful magazines and publish them so your friends can share your interests.

Express yourself through beautiful maga’Zeen’s!

Zeen is a cool new way to easily create your own, great-looking web magazines. Take your passions, ideas, and opinions and share them with the world in a customized Zeen. The main idea here is that you have a beautiful platform to share your interests, hobbies and insights.

Your magazine can feature anything that you find interesting and are passionate about, whether you decide to make a tribute magazine of your favorite author with his/her quotes and interviews, a magazine about your insights about how a Friday should look like, a political opinion magazine or even a magazine of funny pictures and videos you curated…

The magazine can be whatever you desire because it is yours, there is no fear of being cut by the editor, express yourself exactly as you wish

How to create a Zeen?

Zeen offers a very user friendly, easy to use platform. After a quick registration in-which you connect to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you instantly begin working on your first issue.

When you create your magazine you can choose from several ways to curate it; you can import Instagram photos, Twitter status, or search for what you want to pull in.

After grabbing the news, images, videos or links, you add your insight and opinion to the newly made page. Its is recommended to add the ‘clip to Zeen’ button to your bookmark toolbar, it makes your searching for content much easier, with it you can add a link to your scrapbook with a click.

A beautiful work in progress…

Zeen is the fresh new son of AVOS Systems, an Internet company led by YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

After experimenting with Zeen I am happy to say that they delivered again! The website is still on beta, and some of the features are not as slick and smooth as I would wish for it to be, but the expert team behind it means this will all get taken care of.

So check out Zeen, create and publish your very own magazine, express your self, share it with the world!


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