TuneCrank – Getting Bands out of the Basement and on the Web

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2011 by

TuneCrank – Do you have a band and think it’s time to stop rehearsing in your parents’ garage and expose your music to the world? Check out TuneCrack, a free service that helps independent musicians and artists to reach audiences online.

TuneCrank “finds, ranks and streams the best independent music out there for the whole world to hear.” Visitors can listen to each uploaded track and rank it (you can choose between ‘awesome’ – the hand gesture for rock, thumbs up or thumbs down). In addition, you can see each track’s play count, and if you click the plus sign to the right of each track box, you will see how users have ranked this song thus far. I played some tunes here on TuneCrank and I loved it. See the site’s current #1 song, Sweet On You by Johnny’s Body.

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