Paul Frank Planned Pines – Beautifully Designed Monkey Business

Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 by

Paul Frank Planned Pines – What happens when a brand wants to reach out to the online community? It launches an interactive and fun campaign that includes a myriad of content and information for users to engage in. That is what Paul Frank Industry, the super cute fashion accessories company has created in order to reach out to larger audiences online.

The Paul Frank Planned Pines is a fun place for people of all ages, and you’re bound to find something here to keep you busy. Some of the attractions you will find on Planned Pines include the Galaxy Theater, featuring a number of “Julius and Friends” cartoons; the Fun Zone with its beautifully designed arcade games; the Museum’s Art Gallery (showing users’ versions of the brand’s trademark monkey character); and a Rec Center where users create their version of Paul Frank that is later added to the Art Gallery (see my creation below).

Planned Pines is a bundle of cartoon joy. By the way, this campaign is a finalist in the nomination for the 2010 Pixel Award in the Animation category, which totally makes sense. Congrats, Paul Frank Industry!

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