Number one Jay Leno fan

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glozellThis is a story about a lovely young woman I met a couple of days ago in Los Angeles.

Her name is GloZell and she is undoubtedly Jay Leno’s number one fan. Every day she gets up early in order to be in line at the NBC Burbank Studios. As of this date, she has been to 153 Jay Leno shows.

Waiting in line could be quite excruciating but GloZell truly makes the time pass by quickly, with interesting stories about Jay, celebs, tourists and lots more. Though not everyone could make it to NBC Studios, GloZell have made it easy for everyone to read her words of wisdom on her blog.

The blog is one of the most entertaining blogs I have ever read. On her blog she documents the inside and outside of the show, plus some interesting stories from her life. Here is a taste from today’s post.

It’s always great when “Ellen” is shooting next door, because I get to play count the lesbian couples as they walk pass me. They are so nice and friendly, and they stop and talk. I think I have watched the show “The L Word” a little too much. I like Skittles but I don’t want to taste the rainbow.

If you’re looking for a personal blog to read, this one should be taken into consideration. Have a look, and leave a comment, she loves it when people leave comments.
GloZell Loves Jay Leno

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