Hipset: A Personalized Music Magazine of your Favorite Artists

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 by

Hipset helps you connect with the artists you love. Simply connect with Facebook to create a Personalized Music Magazine with all your favorite artists posts and content.

Keep track of your favorite artists!

Hipset is a platform where you can center all the Facebook posts and updates of you favorite artists. Now you can always know exactly what your favorite artists are up to, watch new videos from your favorite artists and share their photos, videos, and music with your friends.

Hipset’s goal is to bring people around the world closer to the artists they love.

Being a fan has never been easier…

Once you connect your Facebook with Hipset, it takes all your ‘Liked’ artists and imports their Facebook feeds. On your Hipset account you will find a Pinterest-like tiled posts feed that is constantly updated. You can filter it by deciding to watch only videos, photos, statuses or just scan the most recent posts.

The outcome is a beautiful personalized music magazine, curated by your ‘Likes’ that centers the newest music, videos, photos, and updates from the artists you love. Give it a try and you will get the best musical content for your taste!


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