FILMography – Blog of the Week: Recreating Famous Movie Scenes with a Cheap Printer and Camera

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by

This is why we love Tumblr! Some guy has created a genuinely awesome photo blog by walking around New York City with printouts from famous movie scenes, and completely recreated them…

A blog for NYC movie buffs

Have you ever wondered where they filmed your favorite movie?  Every morning on his way to work Christopher Moloney, the man behind inspired Tumblr blog FILMography, recreates a New York movie scene with a camera and a black and white picture. The FILMography project is a personal tribute payed by Moloney to his all time favorite New York movie scenes.

The idea is to give viewers an added value to their everyday walks in New York; it’s pretty cool to know that the street corner you pass by every day is the exact same corner Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson stood on, filming Die Hard back in 1995…

Tribute to unforgettable scenes

Browsing through this blog is very user friendly, you can click on the camera next to the photo to enlarge, ‘like’ or ‘reblog’. You can search by film, location, actor or year using ta search box or go to the blog’s archive for all the recreated movie scenes. FILMography is a beautiful Tumblr blog, made with a lot of love to the film industry and the city of New York… Dive in and enjoy yourselves.


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