Cirque du Soleil: Movi Kanti Revo – A Surreal Web Experience

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by

Do you like Cirque du Soleil? Are you prepared to try a surreal web experience with your webcam? Then enter the dreamlike, magical landscape that is Movi Kanti Revo…

Cirque du Soleil presents… Movi Kanti Revo

Movi Kanti Revo is Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, but unlike previous shows this one takes place online and the users are integral participants of the show. The Cirque’s odd but diverting, interactive show is all about the universal language of movement: Movi Kanti Revo means to move, to sing, to dream – exactly what Cirque du Soleil is attempting to make you do! 

All you need to try it out is a webcam, microphone and a good internet browser; and then you’re in for a couple of pretty surreal minutes with Movi Kanti Revo!

A Cirque du Soleil show where you’re the star!

Movi Kanti Revo is Cirque du Soleil’s way of giving something back to its adoring audiences; its way of making you the star of its latest show. It invites you to navigate its strange, foreign world by gesturing and making sounds in front of your webcam! You follow a mysterious character in her adventure, enjoy surprising Cirque du Soleil performances and live an emotional journey made of love, doubts, hope and dreams.

All this without having to download extra apps or software. That’s because the entire project is built in HTML5 and CSS with 3D transitions; all you have to do is grant access to your computer’s webcam and microphone. So make sure you have some spare time and dive into Cirque du Soleil’s newest, probably most bizzare show.



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