Get Smarterer: Test Yourself With These Fun, Online Tests!

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

Think you’re really smart?¬†Well you had better test yourself using Smarterer online tests! Smarterer is your platform to validate your technical, digital, social and professional skills.

What topics does Smarterer cover?

Smarterer offers tests under six major categories: finance, administrative, marketing, sales, design and software development. I found it works best if you want to test your knowledge on computer programs such as excel, websites like facebook and education topics such as accounting.

Prove the skills your resume says you’ve got!

If you’re an expert on a particular topic, you can even create your own test and join the smarterer community. It’ll definitely help you find out who else out there is also an expert!

The most interesting potential use of Smarterer however is the ability it gives you to showcase the skills you claim to possess on your resume. If you say you’re a Photoshop pro, then a few test results from Smarterer could well prove it!

Bottom Line

Confirm and hone your skills on pretty much anything – but especially anything technical and computer-based – by getting¬†Smarterer and taking or making some fun, challenging online tests. It’s time to prove you’ve got the skills your resume says you’ve got!



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