ShowMe: Looking for a new way to engage your students?

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 by

We love education!

We’ve featured a number of education sites recently, in anticipation of the release of our brand new education faves page, and a growing trend we’ve noticed is a desire to “democratize” education – using the internet to allow absolutely anyone to teach or learn absolutely anything they want. ShowMe is another contender in this category, with an added Apple-shaped twist…

Use an iPad and a ‘ShowMe’ to engage your students

One of the biggest potential strengths of ShowMe lies in its iPad platform: If you want to create a lesson for anyone on the internet to view and learn from; or you’re a teacher and you want to create an extra tutorial for your students that they can view online from home; or you’re a teacher that wants your pupils to learn by actively teaching the subjects they’re learning (an interesting teaching method!)… then ShowMe could be exactly the teaching tool you’ve been looking for!

A new, free way to learn anything you want…

If teaching ain’t your bag, ShowMe is also great for free online learning. I felt like learning some Chinese, and so clicked on the Chinese language subject box, and dove straight into a ShowMe someone made, and learned something new, absolutely free!

Bottom line:

Whether you want to find new, interesting ways to teach in your classroom; create a free lesson or tutorial on a subject you think you’re an expert in; or just learn something new for free… ShowMe is an interesting website/iPad app worth your consideration!


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