Is The World’s Fastest Dictionary?

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by

It may have one of the world’s most popular domain names, but is also the world’s fastest online dictionary? We take it for a test drive…

When is a dictionary not a dictionary?

Well, to answer the above question first, may indeed be the world’s fastest online dictionary. A definition for whatever word you search for appears almost instantly after typing the word in, which automatically makes it a particularly worthy alternative to for a start.

But when is a dictionary not a dictionary? When it’s a vocabulary building challenge of course! And that’s another interesting side to…

How strong is your English?

Regardless of your education level or age, will help you to master the words that are essential to academic and business success. The learning process this site offers is through playing ‘word games’ such as fill in the blanks, Synonyms words, opposite meanings etc.

The site’s team has created more than 40,000+ questions designed to help you learn new words. The questions are not random, has magical technology that models itself to your brain, The more you play, the more they know about your vocabulary knowledge and can challenge you further.

A place for ‘word lovers’

Many studies have shown that the best way to learn is through multiple exposures to a word, with challenging questions that make you think. The heart of is questions that are designed to evaluate and teach vocabulary words. Each question tests a particular meaning of a word, provides helpful hints, and is followed by an explanation of the correct answer, with an adaptive learning system to ensure that you get the right question at the right time.

And if you really love words, check out the excellent blog too, which features articles about language and the creative process written by a super talented group of writers, linguists, and other word mavens.

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