iSideWith: Whose Side Are You On This Election?

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Still on the fence about which candidate will get your vote on November 6th?  I know I am, and iSideWith is a website created just for us undecided voters. Take a quiz, mark your answers, and find out which of the Election 2012 candidates most shares your views…

Which candidate truly represents you?

With the election just days away many people may still be unsure of who they are voting for. If you’re one of those people you can join the 5 million others who have already used  iSideWith to find out which candidate their opinions align with the most!

Regarding how the quiz works, co-founder of iSideWith, Taylor Peck says ,“Users answer a series of questions on important issues including taxes, medicare, gay marriage, the war in Afghanistan and global warming. After they have completed the questionnaire, a unique algorithm compares their answers to the views of the presidential candidates and provides a ranking, by percentage, of who they agree with the most.” If standard answers of agree or disagree are too stifling, iSideWith has a clever feature that allows you to “choose another stance” and explain more of how you feel about a particular issue.

iSideWith also displays a list of websites and how those users compares to the answers you chose. Want to check out how your state or maybe one of the major swing states has tested? A map of the US is provided to show the percentages. The only problem with the map of the US is Hawaii and Alaska are nowhere to be found.

You may get a shock… I did!

As a typical post-college American, I was anxious to give my opinion…but this time not through a rant on a Facebook status. While taking the quiz, I realized I wanted to choose my own stance on most questions, because who doesn’t want to further explain their point and why it’s right? I was quite surprised to see I was matched up with Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate. Although as you can see from my results below, I’m closely aligned enough with so many candidates that my post-test voting decision isn’t that much easier! It is certainly useful to know why I’m matched up with that candidate, and the issues we agree on.

Quicker, more efficient decision making process

This is not the first site of it’s kind. Whereas reading a candidate’s platform may be too time consuming for the average American, iSideWith can provide you with information about how you vote, much quicker and more efficiently. If you want to see the exact responses the candidates gave to questions you answered, you can select two candidates and compare their answers. While ElectNext, which we featured last week is quite similar, iSideWith is able to go much deeper and asks more detailed questions.

If you scroll down there is a blog featuring hot topics, and even an interview with Green party Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein.iSideWith is definitely one of the better election sites today, and I would give it two “I Voted” Stickers!

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