Highlight – iPhone App of the Week: Discover People Near You

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by

Highlight – In our latest iPhone app of the week, you will find a fun, new way to meet new people… by finding out who’s standing near you, and showing you a little bit about them! Sound slightly creepy? Well to some it may be… but to others it’s a brilliant way to find someone new, see what you have in common with them, and get a conversation started. So it could work really well if you go to a networking event for example, or maybe a house party, or a bar, and want to meet someone you didn’t already know. Where-ever you are however, Highlight will  broaden your horizons, your Facebook friends list and maybe even your little black book…

Try it out by clicking here or on the screenshots… you never know until you’ve tried it 😉


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