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To save you the hassle, We have collected all the best Year in reviews of 2013 for you to enjoy.It seems that the fun has just started, but 2013 is over. It has become an Internet tradition for the major sites to showcase what happened throughout the year, as reflected on their sites and services. To save you the hassle, we have collected all the best “year in reviews” of 2013 for you to enjoy.

All My Faves: The Best of the Web 2013

Throughout 2013 the All My Faves technology blog has provided blog posts about 10 brand new websites and services every week.The Top 100 Coolest, Best and Most Addictive Websites of 2013 And every December the AMF team huddles up, and after a brainstorming meeting, ends up with the top 100 web sites of the year. This thorough list sums up what 2013 has provided us on the web… Out of the 100 only 10 are chosen as the best of the web by the AMF users… Who do you think were the best of the web on 2013?

Google Zeitgeist

Naturally we decided to open our list with the King Of The Web. In order to truly understand this year, all you have to do is go to Google trend’s Zeitgeist 2013 and see what the world searched for most in the past year. On the site you can see the top 100 searches of 2013, accompanied by lots and lots of local and global top 10 lists of different search categories.

Facebook: Year in Review – Friends

Facebook's Year in Review - Rediscover great stories and photos that our friends postedAfter last year’s success, Facebook decided to relaunch it’s Year in Review page where you can see your most successful posts. To make things more interesting this year, they are giving us the opportunity to add /friends and get a whole other wall; one that is made of our Facebook friends’ posts. This is a great way for us to really reflect about the past year and rediscover great stories and photos that our friends posted. In no time, you will find yourselves ‘Liking’ photos from February and getting ‘Likes’ for things you don’t even remember you posted. 😉


Twitter: Relive the #YearOnTwitter — the biggest moments and events of 2013Relive 2013 with Twitter’s #YearOnTwitter. The site provides you with the biggest moments and events of the year, divided into 5 different categories: #2013, #News, #Sports, #Entertainment, and #ShowCase. Get inspired by the best Tweets of the year – If something major happened in the world, it was probably on Twitter.

YouTube Rewind 2013

It has become a tradition for the biggest video sharing platform to provide us with a short and up-tempo showcase of all the videos that keep redefining what ‘viral’ really means… It’s time to pause, rewind and remember the videos, people and events that made YouTube the most viewed entertainment site in 2013.   BTW: it’s no wonder that YouTube’s ‘What does 2013 say?’ has gone extremely viral on its own…

Tumblr Year in Review

Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff on the Internet from 2013.Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff that people have posted using Tumblr this past year. Being the huge blogging platform that it is, the variety of the site’s content is endless. You can find the top gifs right next to the best DIY posts, new and notable blogs alongside unicorn-themed blogs, blogs about movies shoulder to shoulder with bacon, and the list goes on and on… Aside from being a great time killer, this awesome site really showcases how vast people’s interests really are. Make sure to clear an hour or two, and dig in!

Tumblr’s Year in Review is a showcase of the best stuff on the Internet from 2013.

Yahoo Year in Review

Yahoo has experienced a lot of turbulence in the past few years, but one thing that they know how to do really well is a year in review. The Yahoo Year in Review brings you the top stories, searches, and images of 2013 like only a portal in this magnitude can. You’ll find the top Yahoo searches, the biggest news headlines, the best photos, the funniest memes, and basically everything you can possibly think of. Their best move though, is definitely hiring anchorman Ron Burgundy as the voice and face of Yahoo for the 2013 year in review.

The Washington Post’s Great Stories of 2013

Year in Review - Great Stories of 2013: The Washington PostWhen you think of 2013 and The Washington Post, the name Jeff Bezos immediately comes to mind. But The Washington Post team wants to make sure you won’t forget all the other great stories that accompanied this past year, and made this brand so popular. Their year in review site hosts all the best stories that where published throughout 2013, and each category is republished on its own mini site. A lot of effort was put into this project and the results are absolutely amazing. Make sure to check it out and see for yourselves! It will actually make you forget that the biggest thing that happened to The Washington Post this year has nothing to do with these stories… Top 10 Everything of 2013

Everyone loves top 10 lists. This year, has launched an ambitious project that hosts top 10 lists of… well, EVERYTHING! Whether it’s Arts and Entertainment, Pop Culture and Social Media, Tech and Sports, Health and Society, Politics and News, or Science and Space; you’ll find dozens of top 10 lists to cover your favorite category.

Top 10 Everything of 2013  -TIME.comIMDB Best of 2013

IMDb Year in Review - Best of 2013IMDB is probably the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movies, TV and celebrity content. On their year in review, the site’s team has gathered lists of top movies, trailers, TV shows, industry stars and celebrities of 2013 and more. They provide us with the big picture for what movie made it big this year, which TV series has captured audiences, or which actor really stood out from the crowd in 2013. So sit back, visit this site, and feast your eyes with the best of 2013 in entertainment.

JibJab’s Version of 2013…

Ever since it blitzed the web a few years back, JibJab is unstoppable! The hilarious eCards service provides us with a twist to any holidays or event, and with a very viral year in review video in the past few years. Everyone waits for the year to end so that JibJab will release their newest interpretation of what happened this year. So, was 2013 the craziest year ever? Check out JibJab’s hilarious 2013 What a Year? and then decide!

Spotify: Explore a Year In Music

Spotify Year in Review 2013Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. The 2013 Year In Review is their beautiful way of sharing what are people actually listening to. This mini-site is built from macro to micro; from the universe which shows the big numbers and the charts leaders worldwide, to your state’s favorites, your city’s most listened to artist and then even your personal user. It shows how many songs you played, who you played the most, how many hours you spent on Spotify, and even suggests what you should listen to from their 20,000 songs that nobody listened to this year. All in all, it’s a great way to review 2013; through the thing that connects us all – music.

2013:  A Year in Review by National Geographic

2013 was an eventful year, and National Geographic was there to cover it. I can’t say for certain that everyone will think this is the best one, but it’s definitely my favorite Year in Review for 2013. National Geographic is doing what only they can; they make you stop breathing for 15 minutes as you browse through the best videos and photos that their talented photographers have captured this past year. We saved it for last because we want you to say farewell to 2013 in the best way possible, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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