Swell: Maximize your Time on the Go and Expand your Mind

Swell is a new pod casting platform app that offers great categorized content for you to stream on your iPhone, wherever you are.Swell is a new pod casting platform app that offers great categorized content for you to stream on your iPhone, wherever you are.

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Streaming Music: Top 10 ways to Listen to Free Online Radio

Don’t you just love This top 10 list will help you find the most awesome music streaming sites and will provide you with the best ways to listen to free online radio.music? This top 10 list will help you find the most awesome music streaming sites and will provide you with the best ways to listen to free online radio. To make sure you only get the best Music streaming sites we have enlisted Joey Flores, CEO and co-founder of Earbits Radio, to share his extensive knowledge with us. These are Joey’s top 10 online radio services.

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Podbay.fm – Stream Any PodCast in the Universe Quickly and Easily

Podbay.fm is a vast podcasts platform that offers tons of content for you to discover and stream, filtered by categories, on almost any topic you can think of. It is a better, more powerful home for podcasts.

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Mixlr: Broadcasting Live Audio made Easy and Social

Mixlr makes broadcasting live audio simple. It allows you to share your sounds live with friends and fans, chat and interact with them in real time.

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Live365 – Listen to thousands of radio stations online

Live365 is a massive web radio network that features stations from all over the U.S. Listening to the radio doesn’t have to just be limited to the car any more…

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Flapcast: A Great Way to Discover, Share & Stream Podcasts Online

Flapcast is a fast and simple way to listen to, share, organize and broadcast podcasts direct from your browser… Read on to see how it works!

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The Top Sites and Apps of 2011? You Decide!

See & Vote for the nominees for Site, App and Game of the Year 2011 here…

Well folks, the nominees have been announced. Amid a flurry of elbowing, scheming and shadowy wealthy donors (not really, that was an attempt at a joke), the candidates have jumped every hurdle and secured enough votes in the primaries to make it onto the Official Longlist for the 5th Annual All My Faves Site of the Year Awards.

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Ex FM: Discover & Stream Music Online for Free

This is a great music streaming site. Ex FM allows you to discover and stream music for free, from any of your favourite artists, or similar ones that you might like based on your music tastes. It compiles songs that tumblr users and other bloggers have embedded into their pages, and gives you a running playlist. Simple. It’s a great way to listen to free music online. We really recommend you try it out. Click on the pictures below to get there.

And while we’re on the topic of music streaming… All My Faves Music is our dedicated Music Homepage. It takes you to all the best free music streaming, music discovery and free web radio sites, in one easy-to-use page. Add it to your faves today, you’ll love it!

Click to start streaming great free music

Click to Discover the latest trending artists and songs | Free Music Streaming on Ex FM | Web Radio

Mixcloud – Cloudcasting Never Sounded So Good

MixcloudMixcloud – Finding and listening to free music online is a piece of cake, thanks to the various web radio services out there. Even video giant YouTube can be swayed to serve as an online playlist (although it has its drawbacks -continuous play is possible only via the queue). But think about how cool it would be if one place were to combine excellent filtered music -numerous genres- with educational, comedy, politics and other podcasts? Well, Mixcloud is here and it ‘cloudcasts’ all of the above.

The audio on Mixlcoud streams in super high quality, and the social aspect of the site lets you follow favorite DJs and podcasts. Oh, and it’s FREE! Need I say more? This is one of my favorite sites this month.

To learn more about what is Mixcloud and how it works, check out their About video. I also recommend tuning in to my current favorite playlist on Mixlcoud, United World Radio – Show #18 – Summer Grooves. Enjoy.

Muziic – Cool Music Hub

Muziic – Music and surfing online have practically become one and the same to me. I spend hours on the Web on a daily basis, and unless I’m watching a video, there’s always music playing in the background. When I learned that a music hub was joining last week’s Weekly Faves, I was excited to check Muziic out. So, what’s my verdict? I think Muziic is a great music center worth exploring; it has an easy to use interface, a nice stack of music consumption options, and the advertisements’ presence on the site is kept to a minimum.

On the other hand, there are some major downsides to Muziic. The first and most important in my opinion is the inability to browse songs or artists by genre. The same applies to the radio stations listed on the site. The second hitch I was surprised to find was that all the radio stations you can listen to on Muziic are from the US only (Caribbean and Puerto Rican stations included). I feel that’s a shame because the Muziic community has much to gain from being able to tune in to foreign stations as well.

All in all, Muziic is a great music stop, but I think in terms of personal use, I’ll stick to Blip.fm and my YouTube playlist. Sure, Muziic offers cool features like web/desktop players and a cool Facebook app, but these didn’t persuade me to change my online music consumption channels.