SoundBetter: Finish Your Song

soundbetter5SoundBetter connects you to the top recording studios, mixing & mastering engineers and session musicians for hire.

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Resident Advisor: Online Music Magazine

raResident Advisor showcases electronic music, artists, and events all over the world.

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Drip: Your Connection to Creativity

drip-avatar-3d486018100a4f09af57c9ea53d1cb79Subscribe to Drip to see what users are creating and posting.

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Subway Symphony: Cities Can Always Be Greater

subwaysymphony45Subway Symphony documents James Murphy’s attempt to transform NYC’s Subway system into a musical symphony.

Continue Reading → A Journey Through Space, Time & Music

lightyearfm5Listen to the music of the past as you scroll farther from Earth on

Continue Reading → Music Discovery Powered By Friends offers music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms.

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Apple Music: A New Streaming Service

applemusic5The company that invented the iPod enters the music streaming era with Apple Music.

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It’s Worth to Download Spotify

spotfifyffDo you listen to music often? While at work, going on a run, or sitting on a plane? Which application do you use? You should consider Spotify.

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The 15 Best Music Festivals 2015

music fest2There are hundreds of music festivals happening in 2015. Check out the list below to find out which one is perfect for you.

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The End of Odd Future ? The Story of Tyler The Creator’s Crew

Tyler, The Creator has confirmed the end of Odd Future (aka OFWGKTA — an initialism for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

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