DIY – Empower your children’s creativeness

DIY is a website that provides children with a platform to show off their creative side. When kids sign in they get their own webpage that displays their homemade works so that people can see just how creative they are. The sites main idea is to make kids take pride in their ability’s and not hide them, DIY’s motto is that they are a community of kids who make, and that  kids’ creativity must be preserved.

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Papernstitch – Crafts, DIY & Home Deco Blog

The papernstitch blog – We’ve been looking far and wide for new and interesting Crafts, DIY and Home Decor sites, seeing as so many of you guys love our useful AllMyCrafts page. And Papersnitch is a quality blog for all you craft lovers out there. It focuses on giving crafty business advice, DIY project reviews, home decor ideas, and also features artists, makers, crafters, and indie labels. A little bit of everything. The blog is updated with new posts 2-4 times a day, Monday-Friday. If this sounds like your thing, why not click on the big picture below and take a look around. You may find that project idea you’ve been searching for!