Twisted Noodles – Amuse yourself with Doodles

Twisted Doodles was created by a self-proclaimed Scientist, Comedian, who hails all the way from Dublin Ireland. It’s a website offering edgy humour and witty illustrations.

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The Art of Pho: Julian Hanshaw’s Sweeping Online Motion Comic

The Art of Pho – a motion comic written by British Artist Julian Hanshaw and brought to life by graphics pioneers Submarine Channel – expertly combines art, motion picture, sound and interactivity, to create a really cool online comic book with an endearing story. Click on our Bottom Line Review below to take a look. And don’t forget to let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the Comments box below. Happy viewing 🙂

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Mad: The Idiotical – Mad Magazine’s Hilarious Blog

Mad: The Idiotical – This spanking new blog by Mad Magazine (DC Comics) isn’t playing the usual marketing game as blogs of other major companies do. The Idiotical is here to make you laugh using dark humor, powerful statements and lots of funny illustrations. If you’re a Mad Magazine fan, RSS to this one. To give you a sample, here’s a hilarious post I came across while browsing The Idiotical, titled Why Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Called Off Their Wedding.” Click the image below to read it in full.

Stuff No One Told Me – Short, Cute and True

Stuff No One Told Me – A Weekly Blogs king, this witty and fun blog is all about lessons learned, wrapped up with a good laugh. Alex Noriega, the Spanish-born creator, indulges us with a concise statement about life, accompanied by a cute illustration on a monthly basis. Once a month is hardly the update frequency you would expect from a blog, but it’s totally worth it. It’s clever, lovely, and intellectually satisfying. Kudos, Alex! See a couple of posts as decent examples.

Inception: The Cobol Job – First of Its Kind Movie Trailer

Inception: The Cobol Job – Forget about conventional, 2-minute video trailer for movies. That’s so old and boring. The Yahoo! Inception: The Cobol Job movie is a totally new and innovative way of getting a glimpse of the upcoming action movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Even if you’re not into comics, the interface of this unusual trailer manages to emphasize intense plot moments by varying the navigation speed and direction from one story frame to another. This is simply amazing and it did the job: I’m psyched about the movie! Currently in theaters (and Imax). By the way, you can download the entire comics story line in PDF.