Vend: Keep Your Business Close and Your Customers Closer

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Vend is a cloud-based POS software that promises to help you run your business more efficiently while growing your customer base. Vend is a cloud-based POS software that promises to help you run your business more efficiently while growing your customer base. Come see how it works.

Take Control of Your Business

A POS, or point of sale, is the place where the retail of an item is completed. Vend is your best option for making POS run smoothly and effectively. On the ground level, Vend makes completing sales easy and quick. It connects to all of the latest hardware including cash drawers and receipt printers so setting it up will only take a few minutes. They will be a few well spent minutes. Vend makes it simple to accept all types of payment, be it cash, credit card or even online payments like Paypal so you won’t have to turn any customers away. However, Vend does a lot more to separate itself from the pack. Retail is becoming an international game, so whether you have one store or a whole chain, Vend’s cloud-based technology will make it easy to keep track of your sales and inventory in real time. The benefits of using cloud technology cannot be overstated because it virtually guarantees that you’ll never lose your records and need to spend hours reconciling documents. And, not only does it work on Macs and Pcs but it will also run flawlessly on your iPad so you can keep track of your business wherever you go.

Vend - Keep Your Business Close and Your Customers CloserIt’s All About The Customers

Vend has several features that make it an amazing tool for attracting new customers and keeping the ones that you already have. One of these great features is their Customer Loyalty program. While other POS systems use confusing conversions of dollars to points and points to dollars, Vend is simple and your customers will appreciate it. Simply make a ratio of dollars spent to dollars earned and your customer will always know how many reward dollars he or she is getting. And, since the reward dollars can always be used on their next purchase (or saved up for a later one), your customers will be sure to come back quickly and often.

Add-Ons Galore

While Vend itself will instantly improve your retail business, they are aware of other products that can be of service to you. They therefore created easy syncing to some of the top programs around. Try adding on Swarm, a feature that uses advanced analytics to help you track patterns in customer purchases and loyalties. When synced with Vend, this data will help you come up with new marketing techniques and other opportunities for creating sales. On the accounting side of the business, you can add on Quick Books Online, a powerful accounting software that will help you reconcile your books, create invoices and even see how your business is running on one intuitive screen. These two great products and more are lining up to partner with Vend to create the ultimate retail powerhouse.

Give your business the advantage it needs to succeed. Give your business Vend.

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