SigFig: Track all your 401k, IRA and stock market investments

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SigFig free personal finance software that helps you track all your 401k, IRA and stock market investments in one secure online place, and by that optimizes your portfolio.


Organize and optimize your finances!

SigFig syncs with your 401(k), IRA, brokerage and advisor accounts and pulls all your investments into a single dashboard. All your trades, holdings, and accounts update automatically.

Additionally, every week SigFig diagnoses your portfolio then gives you personalized advice to help you save money and even make more. The SigFig team helps you find out if your financial advisor is overcharging you, expose and eliminate hidden brokerage fees and fix your under performing investments.

Get the Big picture!

First of all it is important to mention that all the account numbers are encrypted & hidden, your info stays anonymous!

There is no need to have a degree in finance either – the charts and financial tools are designed to be very user friendly. Still the picture you get from this SigFig is professional: you can project dividends, assess your risk, compare your performance to every major index and see how you stack up in comparison to your peers.

Each week, SigFig sends you a complete breakdown of your 7-day performance, your gainers, your losers, and the top news that impacted your portfolio. You can use SigFig on your desktop, mobile, and tablet devices so your will always connected with your investments. Its a great financial tool for all of you out there.

Don’t be post factum, try it and be financially smarter now!

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