Re.Vu – The Visual Resume – Beginning of a Resume Revolution?

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012 by

The traditional resume. One (or two) pieces of paper, a few buzz words, your education, work experience yada yada yada. Is it just me, or is this just boring in our internet age!?

Just as All My Faves aims to redefine how you discover the internet with a visual guide to the best of the web; Re.Vu aims to revolutionize the way we can help employers and clients discover us, with a beautiful visual guide, stuffed full with pictures, infographics and timelines. This is way more than just a CV. It’s a Re.Vu. And it’s free!

To get you started quickly, you can import all your LinkedIn details. From there you get manual, adding all the great details, including uploaded examples of your work (visual or written) that will make you an indispensable hire for your next employer. And the end result looks so dynamic, wth colorful timelines and infographics representing your education, skills, career milestones and your best work. Plus you can add links to your personal blogs, websites and social accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc. And you can customize the design too, to a certain extent. Click on Barack Obama’s Re.Vu Resume below to try it for yourself.

Apparently Barack Obama's even got one!

Now the fun doesn’t end at just creating your visual resume. The hard work of sending it around to employers and finding jobs is about to begin. Re.Vu knows it too, and it actually allows you to track who’s tracking you, and how long they’re looking at your resume for. And it’s this type of added value, with analytics services, that can make a site like this stick. This is totally one of my weekly faves, and All My Faves invites you lucky readers to click here and get started building your forward-thinking resume!

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