Help Yourself Sleep Longer & Eat Healthier

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 by

Chain your life together!

How many hours do you sleep each night? How many fruit and veg do you consume each day? How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? If you want to improve your stats on these or countless other possible goals, and like the rest of us, don’t feel like you have a particularly easy way of doing it… you may want to start ‘chaining’ your life together!

What is Chains?

Chains is a novel, new website created simply to help people improve their lives. And to make it fun and easy to do it. You start by picking a goal or task you want to achieve each day, and starting a chain. If you accomplish it, you click on that day’s circle and add a link to your chain. If you don’t, you break your chain, it counts how many consecutive days you achieved your goal for, and then starts again.

As you can see from the example below (which I created on my new Chains account), I’m ‘chaining’ the daily goals, both personal and professional, that I want to reach: from sleeping and eating better, to ‘tweeting‘ and ‘facebooking‘ better (join us there by the way!). It’s been working so far. Hopefully I’ll keep it up now I’ve added Chains to my Faves.

 Bottom Line:

We think this is a pretty cool way of using the internet to keep track of your goals and tasks, executed in a fun, clean and unique way. Try it out by clicking here, and let us know how you get on!



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