Redef: DJing The Internet

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2015 by

redef5Redef curates the best media content on the web.

Trust The Curators

redef2Redef wants to be the DJ of the Internet. Rather than putting together songs or playlists, however, Redef curates media content. The site mostly posts links to articles that have been published elsewhere on the web, although sometimes it posts images and videos as well. Because the site is curated by Redef’s staff, most of the content consists of high-quality, in-depth pieces from publications like The Guardian and The New York Times. The concept is similar to Reddit (links to interesting articles), but without the community aspect. While some may prefer the ability to post their own links, upvote and downvote, it’s also nice to use a site that’s run by a trustworthy team of curators.


Media Mixes

redef1Redef uses the concept of “DJing the Internet” in a few different ways. The home page consists of a “Live Mix” — the latest articles — and a “Daily Mix.” You can also scroll through different “Sets,” which contain collections of articles based around a particular topic. There’s a “Deflategate SportsSet” with 30 interesting articles about the Tom Brady scandal, for instance. There are also sections on the site for Music, Fashion, Tech, and a few other categories. Another DJ-like aspect of Redef is the “Charts” section, which lists the 100 most popular items on the site. Although Redef doesn’t create any of its own content, it does a worthy job of linking to the best stuff you can read around the web.


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