Ladylike – A Former Tomboy’s Quest for Femininity

Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 by

Ladylike is the story of a former tomboy embarking on a journey to become a lady. It’s a website that offers other former tomboys interesting articles and insightful tips into becoming ladylike.

Goodbye Tomboy, Hello Lady!

Formatted as a blogroll and posts, Ladylike offers ‘tomboy’ woman articles into the life of ‘ladylike’ woman. Alongside interesting pictures and informative articles, users can make their own opinionated comments. The creator of the blog is Maryam Siddiqi a mid-30’s former tomboy. Maryam says the inspiration behind the website comes from a story she wrote for a newspaper in Canada about finding her perfect red lipstick, which is actually the first lipstick she’d ever owned. “After the story came out, I had comments from friends and readers about the apprehensions they’ve had about the same thing” says Maryam. Talk then turned to other aspects of “being a girl” — purses, shoes, clothes — as well as manners, etiquette, etc. she says.

Real Life Experiences Inspire Great Blogs

She later realized in these conversations that she’s not alone in feeling a bit silly that, in the mid-30s, she didn’t already know all about this stuff. “I also thought it interesting that most women in my age group felt the same way I did, so I decided I would head out on this “quest” to find out what femininity is today and learn about its art and chronicle it via this blog” says Maryam. The blog is generally targeted at ladies in their early 20s-mid 40s, who are smart and independent, but who might not know some of the fundamentals of, er, the feminine arts. Interestingly enough Maryam says a lot of her male friends tell her they read the blog. But in the end, it does not matter if you are a guy or a girl, you can read it, enjoy it, and comment. Definitely an interesting read, check it out! 




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