Crap At My Parents House

Crap At My Parents House – The goal of Crap At My Parents House is to pay homage to all of the weird crap that everyone’s parents have. Please help in this project by submitting anything you deem funny, weird, odd, unique,…

Design*Sponge – Your Home for All Things Design

Design*Sponge – Design*Sponge is a design blog run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Launched in August of 2004, the site updates between 6-8 times per day and was declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by the New York Times.

Siege Hero – Save the Village

Siege Hero – Find the weak spots. Loot the treasures. Save the innocent villagers from the angry vikings.

Weekly App: GLMPS – Remember That Moment

glmps Glmps – GLMPS automatically captures a video clip with every picture you take and then creatively packages them together so you can fully experience and share life’s moments. GLMPS combines the ease of snapping an old fashioned photo with the richness and depth only video can deliver.

glmps screenshot

Ninete – The Software Installation Dream Team

ninite Ninite – A new computer is always exciting, at least for me it is. But installing software on a new computer can be quite a hassle. After you get your operating system up and running, installing all of your favorite applications is a major drawback to enjoying your brand new computer. I usually install the same 10-15 applications and gathering the latest versions and installing them takes me a couple of hours.

But this past Saturday, I decided that I am not going to waste my sunny weekend on endless installations, and searched for an alternative. That’s when I came across Ninite. This amazing installation magician presents you with a comprehensive and sleek checklist of free applications you can choose form. After you check the ones you want, hit download and start the installation. Ninite will download the latest version of the app and will install it completely. The best part is that they automatically check off all the unwanted toolbars you usually get from those applications. Instead of hours, it took me just 5 minutes! Ninite did all the rest. It is so easy even my cat, Chupi, can do it. Give it a try the next time you are installing software on your PC (Windows 7, Vista or XP only at this point).


Visual iPhone Bookmarks

In case you haven’t noticed, All My Faves has been offering its users the Mini Faves feature for some time now. It’s a great personalization tool allowing you to showcase all your favorite bookmarks in one easy to access page, already including all the Web’s essential websites you visit on a daily basis (Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, etc.). Check this out for a quick example.

What’s even more exciting about our Mini Faves feature is that we’ve developed an iPhone compatible format of this cool service. This makes accessing your personal faves on the go an absolute breeze. To activate this free service on your iPhone, all you need to do is create an account and access your personal page through your iPhone browser (click + to add All My Faves to your Home Screen). See the below screen shots for a glimpse.

photo(4) iphone photo(3) photo(5)

Boxee – A New Way to Enjoy Entertainment

 Boxee – Once you install Boxee on your computer, prepare yourself for a full featured, free media center. This super cool service works with all your locally stored movies and music.

The best part about Boxee is its integration with online content; not only can you view your own private collection, but you can also browse for music on, or watch your favorite shows through hulu. Connect your computer to the TV to achieve the ultimate home media center experience.

Whyzz – Do you really know the answers to all of your kids’ questions?

Whyzz – As a young boy growing up, I used to drive my parents crazy with all the questions I had: why this? why that?
In most cases my parents had the answers to my repeated inquiries, or at least they did their best to make me think they had it. For all those awkward moments when you are not sure about your kids’ questions, whyzz is here for the rescue.

Whyzz is the place where parents with curious young children can find and contribute to kid-ready information about how the world works! Questions range from Why don’t cats cry? to Why do my ears “pop” on an airplane?
Embedded below is a funny sketch by Katt Williams. You should know in advance that it contains some explicit language, so viewer discretion is advised.

Look and Taste – Watch, Cook and Savor

 Look and Taste – Unlike my brother Shachar, I am a really lousy cook. Whenever I come across a cooking site, I wish I could find the time or the energy to sit down and try out some of the recipes (practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?). Look and Taste (formerly is yet another cooking site, but it stands out from the rest. Not only do they give you the complete recipes for their mouth-watering dishes, they also show you how to do it, step by step.

Their fun and instructive video archive of over 300 entries (featuring professional savvy chefs) give you a complete cooking show right at your fingertips. Another cool feature Look and Taste offers which many other cooking sites lack is their glossary of over 400 relevant terms. Don’t forget to check out their show, which is just as enjoyable and motivating.

Gdgt – Gadget Lovers Rejoice

 Gdgt – These days, it is getting quite difficult to track down all the info about the endless amount of gadgets that are launched on a practically daily basis. Gdgt is all about providing you with useful, contextual information — both from gdgt and around the Web — to help you get more out of the devices you already own, as well as to help you discover that next great tech toy to add to your collection.

Viral Video Chart – Top 20 Viral Videos

 Viral Video Chart – Know how when you watch a great video online it immediately becomes obvious that you’ll send it to all your friends and family members right away? Viral Video Chart allows you to stay on top with the hottest videos currently buzzing online.

In addition to watching videos, you can find interesting statistical information about them. See when the video first became ‘hot’, how many mentions it got on the blogosphere and many more fascinating data. I can only hope YouTube will add a similar feature to their web site as well, because more often than not, I find the latter’s video recommendations irrelevant.

Sense of Fashion – Your Essential 6th Sense

 Sense of Fashion is an online home for indie fashion designers, trendsetters, fans and shoppers. Packed with vintage and one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories, this luscious site offers a refreshing and chic locality where anyone can show off their creations, personal style and trendy picks. Users can easily sell, shop, interact with others, influence and be inspired.

Whether you’re into old school gold earrings and necklaces, unique retro sneakers or fabulous sensual dresses, Sense of Fashion has it all. Visit these guys and you won’t be disappointed!