Pocket (formerly Read It Later): Find & Save Content, Images, Articles, Videos for Later

Pocket (the app previously known as Read It Later) lets you save images, videos and articles  you find on the Internet to one place, on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Kindle Fire.

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Threadflip Review: Second Hand Fashion Shopping Just Got Easier

An online second hand clothes sale with real vintage style

There’s an interesting statistic that’s been floating around the All My Faves HQ this week (found by yours truly of course :)): Apparently most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time! But why are we wasting our old clothes, locking them away in a closet when someone else might think they have vintage style! Too much of a pain to get rid of them? Well not anymore, because Threadflip has built an online outlet mall for second hand fashion shopping and sales!

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Priceonomics: Say Bye Bye To Overpaying…

In the not-so-great economic times that we’re currently living in, shopping has turned from a fun and relaxing activity into a responsible and thoughtful investment of both time and money. When cash is hard to raise, it also becomes hard to spend. Solution? Before you make your next big purchase, you might wanna do a bit of research research on Priceonomics…

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WishWishWish – Blog of the Week: A Love Letter To London Vintage Fashion

We all know the expression, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well in Spanish (I’m Argentinian by the way!) the expression goes: “a picture says more than a thousand words”, and having explored this week’s most fashionable Weekly Fave, WishWishWish, it would appear that its author Carrie has nailed the idea!

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Nature Valley Trail View: Explore the National Parks Like Never Before

Stadistics indicate that 10% of people are employed in a job they love. If you are in the other 90% – and you either dislike or hate your work – it means that you probably spend the whole year saving money and waiting for your two or three week vacation to run away from it. But what if you could spend your 6 or 8 hour shift on a great vacation in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon or the Great Smokey Mountains? Wouldn’t it be a much better deal?

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Givmo: Go Green, Give Your Stuff Away

Get rid of stuff you don’t want… get stuff you do

Givmo – Ever tried to sell your unwanted stuff – or buy someone else’s on eBay or Craigslist? Ever given up because it’s too much hassle (or in Craigslist’s case, just a little bit shady!)? Ever wondered if there’s a free marketplace online where you could give away your old things and get second-hand things you want without haggling, bidding or paying hidden fees? Well de-cluttering your home no longer means a choice between Craigslist and a trip down to the landfill… You’ve now got Givmo to send your stuff to people who want it, and it’s free, easy, charitable and eco-friendly!

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Carsabi – The Used Car Search Engine

Finding your next car is easier than you think…

Carsabi – Why does it have to be so hard to find a new car? That’s the question Carsabi.com’s founders asked before creating a website that makes finding a new (used) car in your local area child’s play… with a used car search engine!

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Shoptiques.com: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!

Is Shoptiques just another shopping website? Not a chance! Shoptiques is a whole new experience in personalized online shopping, with the most unique and fashion-forward inventory from the best local boutiques.

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Swole.Me: Wrestling Back Control Over Your Diet For You

Take control of your calorie count with Swole.me

Swole.me is a website for people who say they’re on a diet… but aren’t actually on a diet. And I’m one of those people. Since I left my beloved Argentina and moved abroad, I haven’t stopped gaining weight. Most people call it “adaptation to a new culture”, but I know the terrible truth: it’s more “inability to stop eating chocolate”! But since I don’t wanna buy a second ticket for my flight back home, I’ve turned to Swole.me to create my own diet that fits me and my food loving issues…

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Red Bull Stratos: One Man’s Quest… To Infinity and Beyond!

If there was ever a subject made for Hollywood movies, Space would be that subject. Armageddon, Apollo 13 and Star Wars are but a few examples of fiction created to, at least temporarily, satisfy man’s obsession with going beyond its limits and exploring the Universe. But what happens when fiction becomes a reality; when one man’s attempt to transcend human limits takes him to a free-fall from the edge of space? Come in champion skydiver Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos

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Procatinator.com: When Cute Cat Videos Meet Music

What happens when comedic cat videos meet classic songs? You get the Procatinator! It does exactly what it says on the tin: takes funny videos of cats… and mixes them with the perfect music to create a perfect comedy combo.

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Idealist.org: From intention to action all around the world

Find hungry, young talent for your NPO

Have you ever believed in a good cause but didn’t know where to start? Got a great project in mind but need support to get it going? Are you trying to turn your good actions into a professional career? Maybe you’re an organization leader and need to recruit new members? If you answered yes to any of the above, check out this week’s Fave NPO, Idealist.org!

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