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SerialThriller is an inspiration blog that strives to inspire both the average viewers and seasoned artists with outstanding and contemporary art and web design.

Inspirational Art for All

SerialThriller is a beautifully curated blog that gathers inspirational art and cool visual designs made by top notch young artists. You can either scroll through the stunning galleries or click on an image to see an enlarged image and see them one by one. The images vary from well designed logos to fine art, from graffiti street art to awesome T-shirt design, the things that is common to them all is the exquisite talent of the makers and the joy they give us by simply observing.

A Man on a Mission!

SerialThriller is made by Daniel Nelson, a passionate graphic designer/web developer situated in the southern part of Sweden. He is also responsible for another awesome design blog called “From up North”, which has over 1 million impressions each month. “Both my blogs are inspiration blogs within the design field, SerialThriller is image based and From up North is post based. They are basically solving two problems; The first one is promoting talented designers that need and deserve some extra attention. And the second part is inspiring fellow creatives, helping them get their creative juices flowing on their current design projects.” Get your daily dose of inspiration here, your soul deserves it.

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