Messy Nessy Chic: Not Another Fashion Blog… Nope

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Messy Nessy Chic  is a website blogging on the Off-Beat the Unique and the Chic straight from Paris.

Straight From Paris

MessyNessyChic is a different kind of lifestyle blog written from Paris about off-beat culture, unique people and all things chic with a pinch of humor and a spoonful of nostalgia. As you enter the website, you’re greeted with eye-grabbing photos and images, followed by 10 different blog categories to chose from; Life is messy, fashion for dummies, C’est Chic, don’t be a tourist, Paris, Have you Met…, Shock me, Gossip is Good, nostalgia, and Boys. Everything you read on Messy Nessy Chic is written by founder and editor Vanessa from a cluttered little room with a view of Paris … or sometimes from the little cafe downstairs. “I created my blog because I desperately want to do something on my own terms and curate something of my own. I had gained quite a bit of experience working for a small magazine in Notting Hill in London for a few years and wanted to continue with journalism, but my way– unconventional and messy, with an overall chic aesthetic.”says Vanessa. Also known as Nessy, Vanessa was raised in London, but one day she packed up her things and decided it was time to return to the land of her ancestors and cheese, and move to gay ol’ Paris. She fell in love and never looked back.

Le Parisian Blog

The inspiration for the blog comes from Vanessa’s passions for food, singing, writing, abandoned places, old photographs and puppies most in life. Paris may be the city of romance & great food etc. but it’s also a city of debauchery, sex and scandal, and she thinks it’s fun to shock people, probably because she herself likes to be shocked when learning new things. “Today I sort of look at my blog as a way of educating myself on the things I would have preferred to learn about in school; the gritty stuff that teachers never covered” Says Nessy. The blog incorporates creative articles alongside relevant and beautiful photos that keep the reader engaged. The blog has a very hipster and young feel to it, although anyone can and would enjoy reading it. Even though the blog’s headquarters are located in Paris, not all articles focus on Parisian life. But Is living in Paris essential? “For now, as the sole writer behind my blog, being in Paris I think is an essential part of it. It’s my little niche that perhaps sets me apart from others. But I do plan to grow and take on board some Paris-based contributors in the future so that I can perhaps travel and discover new cultures as well, which I think is so important in enriching one’s character” says Vanessa. Each article is organized in a vertical scrolling list that contains many photos with a few short lines of easy to read text between them. All in all, the Blog is very pleasing to the eye and to the mind. If you’re looking for a ‘chic’ AKA cool blog to read, check it out!

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