From 3D Graffiti to Innovation Infographics: This Is The Visual News

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 by

The Visual News is an online art & design project that brings together the best visual artists to represent what’s going on in the world visually… and give you something fun to look at when you’re bored!

“The Cure for Eyeball Boredom”

Visual News – Since its founding, Visual News has become a community where creative people come to share their projects and get inspired by other interesting artists. The site’s slogan – “the cure for eyeball boredom” – is quite a bold one, and, well it’s certainly a visual enough website to keep you stimulated. The best way to browse Visual News is by its ‘explore’ button, which randomly transfers you from one visual story to another, allowing you to experience a whole new perspective.

Visual News = nearly always fascinating and fun

Visual New is not one of those websites that you stumble upon once and never return to again. It updates daily so that you will always have new things to cure your ‘eyeball  boredom’: from a painting with a twist, an amazing photo, a cool design infographic or even a 3D graffiti project. Go ahead and check it out, you will not be disappointed.












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