Child’s Own Studio: A Wonderful Expression of Childhood!

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Child’s Own StudioLet’s play a little game. Close your eyes. Concentrate. Keep them closed. Now try to remember your first drawing as a child. You were probably four or five years old. Do you remember? Yes, it’s really hard. Now, what would have happened if your drawings actually came alive?

Child’s Own Studio is an exciting and original new concept in celebrating children’s art and imagination. It started with the idea of making a recognizable soft toy for a 4 year old boy based on his drawings and became a home-based launched business. The artist custom makes the stuffed toy as accurate as possible in terms of details and color choices: “The child’s drawing is the starting point of the collaborative project.” The objective is to reproduce it as accurately as possible so that it is immediately recognizable. And the amazement of the results is undeniable. Every toy is as unique as the child who pictured it.

Only one last warning: Be patient! Due to the big wait list the artist is currently not accepting any new orders but you can still visit the other softie-makers recommended by the site. Get ready for the fun and rewarding process of creating a “keepsake to be cherished for a lifetime”.

Child’s Own Studio:A wonderful expression of childhood!

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