82nd & Fifth: An Intersection of Art and Ideas

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82nd & Fifth is a beautiful and educational site made by The Metropolitan Museum of Art that features short inspiring videos about various works of art.

A Home for Art!

82nd & Fifth is the Met’s address in New York City. It is also the intersection of art and ideas. This inspirational site was made by The Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s staff so that people will be able to get some added educational value and will learn more about the works of art that resides in the museum. To do so they invited 100 curators from across the Museum to talk about 100 works of art that changed the way they see the world. Eleven Museum photographers interpret their vision: one work, one curator, two minutes at a time.

Not for a Single Coffee Break…

82nd & Fifth is a year-long series of 100 episodes. Watching it all in an art marathon will not do it justice, what you need to do is spend two minutes with a curator and a work of art he or she finds transformative, giving it the attention and respect it deserves by really taking it in. This way you can view a linear, chronological outline of works of art selected for 82nd & Fifth, you will also be able to get a spatial, geographical outline of works of art selected for the Met’s. Throughout 2013, new releases will appear every Wednesday. Our advice for all of you (because we know that ALL of our readers are refined, intellectual and really appreciate art… 🙂 ) is to sign up for email announcements so you never miss one.


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