TaoMix 2: Create and Explore Soundscapes

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017 by

TaoMix is an app that helps you relax, sleep, and focus with nature sounds.

A White Noise Machine In An App

In the days of Sharper Image and Brookstone, when tech was a novelty rather than a life-consuming phenomenon, people bought white noise machines. These machines would simulate various sounds — birds chirping, waves of the ocean crashing, or anything else that could help block out distracting noises and soothe people to sleep. Nowadays, of course, these machines are obsolete. Our phones and mobile devices have the power to do the exact same thing — and the possibilities of noises are endless compared to what was previously loaded onto the sound cards of white noise machines. TaoMix is essentially a white noise machine in an app, with creative tools that let you build your own soundscapes.

Customize Your Soundscapes

TaoMix has an innovative interface that lets you combine sounds in order to form your own soundscapes. You can collect more than 120 sounds that the app has pre-built in, and you can also record your own noises. This means that each soundscape ends up being unique and personally customized to your own taste. It’s also easy to randomize the sounds, speed up or slow down the selection, set a timer for how long you want the sound to last, and use tons of other customizable features. There are, of course, also soundscapes available for purchase. But using the app’s free features can be just as rewarding. Whether you need to sleep, meditate, relax, or just want to listen to some cool soundscapes, TaoMix is worth a free download.

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