ooomf: Don’t Just Discover Apps… Help Create Them!

Posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 by

ooomf is a remarkable way to discover and explore apps & app makers: Not only can you discover them, it actually allows you to participate in app creation!

Looking for a new app?

ooomf is a mobile app discovery platform that helps developers market their apps and helps users discover the best mobile apps, whether the app is just an idea, a prototype, or already in the App Store.

The ooomf team are curating all the best apps in various categories so that you can take a look at great apps, take sneak peaks at apps that are still in the development stage and even suggest ideas for the developers for new apps.

A win-win website…

ooomf is helping both mobile developers, by assisting them to build a loyal following to assure a successful launch in the App Store, and for us users who get a discovery platform that provides great content. The outstanding feature of ooomf for a consumer is of course the ‘participate’ option:

In this feature you can take an active roll in the making of new apps; helping the developers decide on a logo, selecting between two screen shots, telling your insight about apps concepts etc… Its a great website for developers to showcase their upcoming products and an amazing fun app discovery platform for users. Try it and become a part of the app industry!



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